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The Beauty in Sport team will keep you up-to-date during the individual qualifications on the 27th and 28th of October. 

28th of October, Clubs and Ribbon qualification


    .We start day 2! Sasha Kiroi seemed to thoroughly enjoy her clubs performance and it was going so well till the very end when a tiny drop occurred.
    Ribbon: Overall a good routine for Sasha, who seemed very vigilant and careful with the apparatus. Congrats on your performance at these Worlds!
    Ribbon: Overall a good performance for Margarita, with a couple of imprecise trajectories. Very clean penché and combined attitude/front split pivots. Hopefully, the ribbons don’t cause much trouble today.
    As usual, great pivots by Margarita, back leg on the jeté en tournant was a little low, it will have a deduction on the shape. Will we see her in the AA final?
  3. MILLET M:
    Ribbon: Well that was extremely clean for a ribbon routine! Classical music suits Maelle so much.
    Clubs: Small throw imprecision right at the start, good penché turn with a small shape deviation. Didn’t manage to do her last element, but another steady execution for Maelle! What a great competition she has done so far!
  4. ARAUJO R:
    Clubs: „
    Falling“ by Alicia Keys may not be the best-suited music for a clubs routine… for obvious reason… unless you want them to „keep on falling“. One drop towards the end for Rita.
    Some very interesting catches of the ribbon and it was going so clean, till the very end. As far as I saw, Rita didn’t manage to catch the ribbon stick with her feet, but I’m hoping I’m wrong.
     The first more troublesome ribbon today, albeit nothing too major. Good spin on the penché pivot, but with a bit of a shape deviation.
    Again a bit nervous with the throws, a couple of imprecise trajectories, but Marfa has great potential, especially with the body difficulties.
  6. JAMIL E:
    Lots of smaller problems with the ribbon – got the pattern tangled several times around itself, and one big one (drop). The routine was otherwise performed with lots of energy!
    End of these Worlds for the Finnish represantative. Here’s to hoping we see her on more international competitions, where she can gain experience.
     Good start for Josephine, a bit of trouble at the beginning of the penché turn, but otherwise a well-executed routine.
    Ribbon: Job well done, just a small entanglement of the ribbon around the stick.
     Beautiful, lyrical routine, unfortunately, the pattern got tangled during a leap, there was a small drop of the stick towards the end and an imprecise trajectory with a couple of steps, which will cost Malgorzata 0.5 in execution. 
    Clubs: Stream logged me out mid-routine, so I didn’t see most of it, but what I managed to see was good.
    Very well done, danced out the whole routine. Had to improvise the end pose because the music was running out but it made for an interesting finish.
    Ribbon: Lots of errors with the ribbon, including a knot that detangled itself during spirals and a few incorrect trajectories.
  10. DRAGAN A:
    Impressive series of turning jetés with back bent to begin with, overall well-executed body difficulties, with some imprecisions with the ribbon, mainly in the trajectories.
    Clubs: Annaliese fought through this routine – one more critical save of the club and a finish at 1:31, which will be penalized, but she was otherwise successful.
  11. MIZUNO L. Ribbon: One major save which almost lead to a total loss of balance, but Lili’s job here is done and in a very respectable way, just 2 months after performing with the US group at the Olympics. Hats off!
    FOSTER E. Clubs: 
    Oh, what an interesting music choice with a great corresponding series of dance steps. One larger wrong trajectory, followed by a drop of the club on what would’ve probably been a Risk with cascade throw. Pity!
  12. VERDES A.
    Same series of leaps to open the routine as Dragan. I was just about to write that this was the sharpest ribbon performance so far, but the last AD catch with feet was unsuccessful and there was a drop of the stick.
    Clubs: What started as a great penché pivot ended with a shape deviation and a loss of balance. Pity, cause the rest of the routine was very, very strong!
    A lovely 4-rotation attitude pivot to start off, but a drop follows, then one huge wrong trajectory, then another one and she basically had to run from one side of the carpet to the other. Hopefully, Evita will have much more luck with the ribbon.
    Ribbon: A good combined pivot – attitude with leg forward, followed by several imprecision with the apparatus, including the ribbon pattern getting tangled around the stick and the gymnast. It must be so hard for gymnasts who peaked at the Olympics to be in shape for such a long time.
  14. AVERINA D:
    You can tell this is Dina’s favorite routine by the amount of artistry she puts into it, more than on any other apparatus. The ribbon had a mind of its own for the majority of the routine, but Dina controlled it well, albeit a few small entanglements of the pattern, which dissolved themselves. 
    No major errors, but a few incorrect trajectories and I’m not sure she did the ending that was planned.
  15. DUSSAN L:
     A few trajectory imprecisions, namely one that had Lina playing with the line judge’s nerves, but an overall clean execution to „Diamonds are a girl’s best friend“.
    Very, very careful in following the ribbon, which unfortunately takes from the artistry. A good execution nonetheless.
  16. AVERINA A:
    As we saw during some tournaments, Arina has brought back the „Time forward“ routine from the beginning of 2020. Very good body difficulties and control over the apparatus, one small trajectory imprecision in the last catch.
    Clubs: Wonderful ring pivots with bent and straight leg, one imprecise trajectory with 1 step, and finish at 1:31, but that’s a successful end of these qualifications for Arina!


  1. WANG Z:
    A very, very good start of day 2 for Wang, albeit a silly imprecision with one of the clubs, which nearly led to a drop.
    Ribbon: Coach Olena Diachenko’s 2018 ribbon routine is truly something that deserved to be passed on to her student Wang. One drop in the beginning and various other imprecisions
     A very well-executed ribbon routine with 4 turns on penché, which will be considered on flat foot, because of the base rotation and 5 on penché with ring. 
    Clubs: Eight!! penché with ring pirouettes on flat foot and 6 in penché, a very unfortunate drop on a catch under the leg, outside visual field. Inquiry for the BD score.
  3. ZHAO Y:
    A very interesting Eastern European music choice, but Zhao still manages to feel the music. A few imprecisions with the throws, but a good job overall.
  4. KALEYN B:
    AMAZING routine from Kaleyn! Very precise with the apparatus and with the BD elements. Hopefully she keeps up the good work for the finals tonight.
    Clubs: Well done, Boryana! Very steady pirouettes today. Keep up the good work!

  6. TUNCEL K:
    What could possibly suite more a ballet dancer like Tuncel, than a waltz from Swan Lake?! Well-executed, with ease. Onwards to the clubs.
  7. SALOS A:
    She’s back! After the disastrous day she had yesterday, Salos does a spotless clubs routine. I’m sure we’re all begging her to repeat it with the ribbon.
    Ribbon: Good start, but had a drop. As she’ll have to keep this score for the AA final, Nastya will most likely be in the first group B, known as the „weaker“ group.
    A few tangles with the ribbon, hops on the fouetté pivots, but that’s basically a job well done for the ribbon.
    Clubs: No major errors and a great side-scale pivot. Congrats on finishing this competition, Silva!
    Not her best performance on this apparatus, but it will do – a few imprecise throws, hop on the ring pirouette, and a bit shaky second part, but that penché turn on relevé was exquisite!
    Marvelous pivots, just sublime. A couple of imprecisions with the apparatus but she needs to save some of it for the finals later today.
    Clean ribbon routine, which is a win these days. Very steady on the body difficulties. Finished a tad bit after the music.
    Clubs: A strong end to the competition for Fausta and a well-deserved score of just over 20 points.
  11. PASSOS A.L.
     Unfortunately, there was a drop for 0.7 in the middle of the routine, followed shortly after by another one, which almost went out of bounds. 
    So much energy and dance in this routine, but a knot for which she stopped to untangle interrupted the unity of the exercise.
  12. JALILOVA A. Clubs: Very, very impressive performance for a debutant at Worlds, even though there was a small drop on a catch outside the visual field, without hands. Body difficulties were also excellent.
    BAYRAMOVA N. Ribbon: 
    Worlds debutant Bayramova delivers an impressive routine set to „Nocturne“ by Chopin, but newcomer’s jitters don’t pass her by, as there was a drop and a few more other imprecisions with the apparatus, the handling of which was overall remarkable.
    Babi continues her wonderful performance at these Worlds with a very strong clubs routine. One small problem – she’ll be penalized with 0.1 for going 2 seconds overtime.
    Ribbon: What. A. Performer!!! Babi Domingos is having the competition of her life in Kitakyushu and she’s a very likely contender for the AA final on Saturday. Fingers crossed for her!
     Zohra’s best performance so far – clean bodywork, excellent penché pivot and very good handling of the ribbon, even though there were a couple of imprecise throws.
    Not the best competition for Zohra. Pending her score on clubs, she’s currently 18th with close to no chances of advancing to the AA final.
    A hop and an incomplete rotation on the foutté pirouette were all that went wrong with this performance. Very strong routine by Liza.
    Ribbon: In my humble opinion, this is Liza’s best routine and she gave everything in it. She’ll most likely make top 18
  16. JUAREZ D: Ribbon: Pity for the two huge drops – 1 inside and 1 outside the carpet, but both will cost her a point each in Execution. Splendid penché and ring turns, though. 
    MALPICA M: Clubs: 
    Such a pity those 2 drops. Mexican gymnasts are always a joy to watch and very charismatic!
  17. GOMES L: Clubs: Unfortunately, there were several drops and we didn’t manage to see this routine in its best light, but the music choice „Smells like teen spirit“ by Nirvana deserves our collective admiration.
    Ribbon: Much better than clubs and she seems to feel the music much more! Happy end to this competition for Columbia.
  18. DIAZ K:
    Strong start, but several imprecisions with the ribbon and a knot leads Karla to the reserve apparatus. Unfortunately, the mishaps don’t stop there. Hoping she gets to have a great performance with the clubs.
    Clubs: Oh that was so painful to watch – a wonderful routine with great BDs and a silly drop too late into the end to pick it up, so Karla finished without apparatus – a penalty of 1pt will follow in E.


    Clubs: Gymnast and club out of the carpet at the beginning, artistic girl and good performer but huge problem with body dififculties. 
    Drop for 0.7 at the beginning but she really fought for every element.
    Ribbon: Good ribbon routine, started with a series of 3 leaps.
    Again drop of club out of the carpet probably at risk element,
    Ribbon: A very expresive gymnast. Love Worlds when we see interesting less know gymnasts. She had s tiny know at the middle.
    Ribbon: Mishap with the first BD, a tiny knot at the middle of the routine, she acted quickly. Good speed, some gypsy music but the ribbon spend too much time draging on the floor. Big smile but also bad luck when the ribbon knotted around her ankle. 
    That was enternating, but with 2 drops.
  5. KAUR B:
    Always a pleasute to watch passionate gymnnast, sometimes you just need to enjoy and do not think about difficulties end execution.

    Clubs: Very good job, fast and entertaining, no drops and very good work with the clubs.

    Ribbon: Good job. A lot of improvement.
    Clubs: Why, Polina, nearly perfect till the end and in the final move droped the club. Thankfully succedeed in stepping over.

    Ribbon:  Have you been to San Marino? An amazingp place but it’s just a dot on the world map. And they have gymbnastics. Kudos to them.

    Clubs: Such a tiny girl and so big smile. Impressed with the jumps and the penche but had a really silly drop (she will learn with time)

    Ribbon: Very good start with ring pivot and 4 leaps. Wow and the penche, good job

    Gymnast and club out of the carpet.

    Gymnast and ribbon out of the carpet.


  1. KIM J:

    Ribbon: Like I said, issues with the ribbon are in the air – knot, imprecise throws, and a drop.
  2. KITA S.
    Great start of day 2 for Kita, who will be looking to qualify for the AA final
  3. SEO G:
    Lots of trouble with the apparatus, several drops and imprecisions
    Ribbon: Such a pitty, the routine looked beautiful, but we weren’t able to see much of it – tangling around the body and 2 drops, one of which out of the carpet
  4. MINAGAWA K. Ribbon: If Kaho doesn’t qualify for the ribbon final, this will be her last routine on the international carpet. 20.400 and she’s currently in 10th place. Happy retirement, Kaho! Thank you for everything.
    OIWA Ch: :   Clubs: Nearlt 7! rotations on the penché pivot followed by a shocking loss of track of the scale of the carpet – Risk caught in rotation outside the carpet, which lead nearly to a fall.
  5. UCHIDA K:
    Great performance by Katherine, who recently went through a serious injury.
    Wonderful combined pivots, but one silly drop and one which left the carpet. Pity, the soundtrack to „Memoirs of a Geisha“ really suits her.
  6. SAMBOL L:
    Drop right at the beginning, then another one for 0.7 in the middle of the routine. Love to see Arctic Monkeys music used for routines.
    Ribbon: A loss of balance on the ring pivot leads to a drop of the ribbon stick, then a bad trajectory, which seemingly went out of the carpet
    5 rotations on the penché pivot to start off, but the fouetté is a little troublesome – hops and traveling. One imprecise trajectory on the last Risk, but no major mistakes. Clean routine for Aisha.
    Go Fanni! There’s so much power and energy in her performances. Top 18 is a very realistic task
    Clubs: Silly drop from the hand in the beginning and a hop with traveling on the last rotation of the fouetté. Shouldn’t affect her AA chances too much, though.
    Clubs: As far as I could see, a clean performance by the young Sokolova
    Amazing routine by Khrystya, this is her best (and fan-favorite) routine and she radiates when performing it.
    Clubs: Very small imprecisions during the BDs, but an excellent routine for Khris
    Simply wonderful combined pirouette to start – attitude with „tonneau“, but a very unfortunate bad trajectory of one of the clubs will cost her 0.5 in execution.
    Ribbon: Wonderful pivots, sublime Vedeneeva. Her best performance of these Worlds.
    She was doing so well, till a drop occured in the last 2 seconds. Still, a very strong routine.
    Clubs: This is maybe Vika’s strongest routine and she looks like she’s enjoying herself so much
    Ribbon: A very unfortunate tangling of the ribbon on Sofia’s leg amidst an otherwise great routine, full of interesting apparatus masteries.
    Clubs: We’re witnessing history! For the first time ever, Sofia performed the pivot that will be named after her: The Rafaelli (side split with knee bent). And the routine was excellently executed.
  14. GENUZIO A:
    Ribbon: Several drops and a knot on the ribbon, reserve apparatus taken, but a new knot forms and she ends her routine this way.
  15. BALDASSARI M:  Clubs: Trouble on the attitude pivot, but smart save by passing in passé. A little late on the last R so she couldn’t do her signature catch of the club with legs in rotation, but no major mistakes.
    AGIURGIUCULESE A: Ribbon Ribbon problems are contagious, drop for Alex after a great penché pivot, issues with the fouetté as well.



27th of October, Hoop and Ball qualifications


  1. SOSTAKAITE F: Hoop: It’s a clean routine from Fausta Sostakaite to open up these Wolrd championships, just a bit of a save on the last AD, as far as I could see, otherwise pretty good work.
    Ball: Good conclusion for day 1 for Fausta, steady performance on ball as well.
  2. PASSOS A.L. Hoop: Just a troublesome penché pivot for Ana Luisa on great hoop routine and she seems to be enjoying herself so much. She’s a pleasure to watch.
    I have to admit I’m watching Ana Luisa probably for the first time, but her ball routine is great, full of risky apparatus elements and her bodywork was on point. Clean routine for her as well.
  3. JALILOVA A: Hoop: Kind of kip on the turning leaps, a missed AD, and a few saves but she does it error-free! Hopefully, she feels more relaxed during the ball routine./ Ball: MUCH cleaner performance for Arzu with ball, and the „big“ music doesn’t seem to scare her, on the contrary – she does seem to be feeling and expressing „Carmina Burana“.
  4. DOMINGOS B: Hoop:  What a show the Brazilian girls are putting on! They truly seemed to have missed competing and are enjoying every second of it. Great routine from Babi to close off day 1 for her, and the rest of her teammates are cheering her loudly from the stands!  / Ball: Oh, I just love this ball routine by Babi to „Je suis malade“ by Lara Fabian, and it was performed great, not even a momentary pause between the elements like she could do it in her sleep! Wonderful routine, done effortlessly.
  5. AGHAMIROVA Z: Hoop: Pity –  drop towards the middle of the routine on a risky catch without hands, on an otherwise great routine, this type of music is definitely suited for Zohra.  / Ball: An incorrect trajectory of the ball needed to be saved, and Zohra saved it, but with the cost of a penalty for total loss of balance, and maybe a drop, depending on whether the ball touched the floor before she caught it. This routine would’ve made a full hall go wild.
  6. POLSTJANAJA J: Hoop: A performance to the max, albeit with finishing a second after the required time – at 1:31. Liza should be very pleased with this performance and she’s definitely one of the gymnasts best suited to express classical music.  / Ball: Liza seems to have come back stronger after not qualifying to the OG, and she performed a beautiful „Schindler’s list“ ball routine with a several-rotations penché pivot.
  7. JUAREZ D: Hoop: To the music of the Ukrainian group’s 2018 hoop routine, Damaris begins her performance at these Worlds, and she seemed like she had some competition jitters in the beginning of the hoop routine, but she handled them well.  / MALPICA M: Ball: It’s always a pleasure to watch the Mexican gymnasts, as they can surprise you with both their musical choices and their choreography. Great performance by Marina.
  8. GOMES L: Hoop: Pity for the loss in the final 30 seconds of the routine, but hats of to Luana for participating at these Worlds, Angola should be proud.  / Ball: Beautiful routine, with some very risky catches, one in particular inspired by Boryana Kaleyn’s ball, and one that would get her 0.5 for the mastery in the new CoP. Rotations on the fouettés seemed incomplete.
  9. DIAZ K: Hoop: Such a well-set to the music routine and Karla seems to enjoy it so much, but a huge save for an incorrect trajectory during what could have maybe been a Risk element will get her a 0.5 deduction in Execution.   / Ball: It was going so well, but a drop on a roll of the ball will take her E score down with at least 0.7. Another drop for the same deduction on a catch outside the visual field, with legs. Still, she competes so securely, but she will not be pleased with this routine.
  10. WANG Z: Hoop: First out of carpet loss for today, a real shame, as it will cost her 1.000 for the drop and 0.3 for the apparatus leaving the carpet. Still, Wang is undoubtedly a very, very promising gymnast.  / Ball: Beautiful, beautiful routine set to traditional Chinese music, unfortunately with a drop during the „fouetté“ balance will get her a 1pt. deduction.
  11. VOLOZHANINA T: Hoop: Great job, Tanya! 4 rotations on penché with ring, 4 on penché, both on flat foot and her last split leap with bent back seemed like it had no 180* shape, but otherwise a very brave performance. / Ball: Oh, I’ve never seen Tanya enjoy herself so much during this ball routine, a wonderful performance! On the technical side: at least 3 ring pirouettes with steady shape, 10 turns in total on passé combined with foutté, and 6 in total on penché + penché with ring (shape changed after the 2nd rotation).
  12. ZHAO Y: Hoop: If you needed further proof of Zhao’s elegance and grace, this Swan Lake medley is exactly what you need to see. Steady performance with a couple unclean trajectories.  / Ball: Clean routine from Zhao, albeit she looked a bit nervous, but her musicality and grace are great.
  13. KALEYN B: Hoop: Nerves got to Boryana in this first routine. An incorrect catch during the first Risk element set her off course for nearly the entire routine. Pirouettes were on point but an AD with a large roll of the hoop on the arms (0.3) led to a near-drop. Judges will have to determine whether the hoop actually touched the floor. She also didn’t complete the last few criteria of her second risk and she’ll lose some tenths there. / Ball: With the Bulgarian group cheering in the stands, Boryana performed a lovely routine with the ball. Fouetté turns were somewhat shaky and there was one incorrect throw trajectory, which she thankfully saved easily.
  14. DOMENIG-OZIMIC V: Hoop: Good work for Valentina on the hoop, she’ll have the tough task to fill in Nici Ruprecht’s shoes, but she might as well be on the way.  / Ball: It’s lovely to see when a gymnast seems to be visibly enjoying herself during a big competition, which was the case for Valentina. Unfortunately, she had a 0.7 drop right in the middle there.
  15. TUNCEL K: Hoop: Uncharacteristically for ballet dancer Tuncel, she had a near fall during the penché pivot. Otherwise clean routine, set to Bulgaria’s 2018 3+2 music.   / Ball: Tiny drop on a rebound AD for Tuncel, otherwise a clean performance.
  16. SALOS A: Hoop: An absolutely shocking out-of-bounds drop for Salos, followed by another one. She had to go for the second reserve apparatus. AND A THIRD ONE, she follows it outside the carpet.  This is definitely NOT Nastya’s day. / Ball:  2 drops in the span of 5 seconds right at beginning of Salos’ routine, a third one follows, one incorrect trajectory, but a lovely penché turn with several rotations. Pity.
  17. SARGSYAN S: Hoop: Strong routine with very dramatic music for Silva, performed freely.  / Ball: Unfortunately, two tiny drops towards the end and right at the end of the routine, but an otherwise clean routine
  18. HARNASKO A.L:  Hoop:  Very, very clean hoop routine from Alina, she will be pleased with her performance today/ Ball: Oh, you’d say the Olympics were just yesterday, judging by Alina’s performance, just excellent and she makes it look so effortless, even though the routine is jam-packed with D.


  1. JUUL MOELLER J:  Hoop:  Josephine sets the start to group B, with a relatively clean performance on the hoop and just a tiny drop, as far as I saw / Ball: Change in the style and tempo, as Josephine goes for a very lyrical ball routine. No troubles with it, as far as I saw.
  2. ROSZATYCKA M:  Hoop: Undoubtedly inspired by Olympic medalist Alina Harnasko’s hoop routine, Malgorzata also aims to captivate with her „Moonlight sonata“ hoop performance.   / Ball: Steady and clean routine and a very good start for Poland’s young gymnast, who has great potential
  3. RUBILAR J:  Hoop: An imprecision during a throw of the hoop without hands could’ve led to a huge problem, but it didn’t. At the end, however, Javiera ends up with the apparatus outside the carpet and has to finish the routine with the reserve one.  / Ball: The routine set to „You raise me up“ seem very personal and it brings her luck – clean performance for Javiera at the end of day 1.
  4. DRAGAN A:  Hoop: A very fluid composition, with unity of character and music. A couple of imprecisions, but very impressive work.   / Ball: Such an interesting music choice, but lots of imprecisions. No huge errors though – so far, so good for Anneliese
  5. MIZUNO L. Hoop: Judging by this performance alone, you wouldn’t be able to tell Lili was in the US group that performed at the Olympics just 2 months ago! Great work.  /  FOSTER E. Ball: Ruelle’s music always makes for intriguing routines and Erica gets right into character, as the composition suits her
  6. VERDES A.  Hoop: An imprecise trajectory on a throw made her miss an element, but Andreea made up for it with a wonderful penché on relevé pivot.  / Ball: A few imprecisions on the apparatus handling and finishing a bit after the music, but Verdes starts confidently her performance in Kitakyushu
  7. GRISKENAS E:  Hoop: Another shocking out-of-bounds drop, right at the end of an otherwise very good performance. Evita also finishes 2 seconds past the regulated time of 1:30 and will therefore be penalized by 0.1  / Ball: Good start, but once again a drop for at least 0.7. Still better than the hoop routine, but it’s quite a pity.
  8. AVERINA A:  Hoop: One single imprecise catch out of the visual field is all that went „wrong“ with this routine. This should be the new leader in the hoop Q. 
    Nothing less of an excellent performance by Arina to start the Russian performance. Expecting a huge score.
  9. DUSSAN L:  Hoop: Sort of a nervous performance by Lina Dussan with the hoop, but it couldn’t be any different when you have to perform in-between the two Averina twins.
    One more clean routine, this time more lyrical, to wrap up Day 1 for Lina Dussan.
  10. AVERINA D:  Hoop: One well-covered imprecise trajectory and a few tiny apparatus imprecisions for Dina and she will most likely go in the lead.  / Ball: Steady performance for Dina, although the tempo truly cannot be compared to that of her sister’s routine. Dina hung on for the shape of the attitude pivot for dear life and we can only hope her back is doing well after it.
  11. KIROI-BOGATYREVA A:  Hoop: After the disappointment of not qualifying for the OG, Sasha Kiroi will look to show her best self here in Japan. She starts well with a relatively clean hoop routine.
    Ball: Change of style for Sasha and a good performance which scores 20.000
  12. KOLOSOV M:  Hoop: Excellent performance, fist in the air and a kiss for the hoop. Margarita has done a great job so far today.
    Lovely combined attitude/front split pirouette and an overall very, very good routine for Margarita.
  13. MILLET M:  Hoop: 2/2 clean and strong routines for Maelle on her debut World Championships!  / Ball: Maelle’s ball routine is simply lovely – a unity of music, choreography, and apparatus elements. Finishes on 1:31, but an absolutely gorgeous performance.
  14. ARAUJO R:  Hoop: Dynamic hoop routines to dramatic music are on the rise! Successful start for Rita, albeit finishing a second after the due time.  / Ball: Very ambitious body difficulty elements, performed with little problems with the balance. Clean routine with a few issues with the ball technique.
  15. EKIMOVA M:  Hoop: A well-known music (Vladinova 2015 hoop) makes for a tough task, but Marfa has no trouble with it. Another clean routine and a great Worlds debut for her as well.  / Ball: It’s been a while since we’ve seen an individual senior from Great Britain, but here’s to hoping Marfa gets many more possibilities to perform internationally, as she has a very interesting style and sense of music.
  16. JAMIL E:  Hoop: Not very clean bodywork and an incomplete penché base rotation, but no big mistakes, with which group B ends.  / Ball: A relative newcomer to the international stage, Elisabeth starts her competition without major errors on the ball. She’ll be Finland’s only representative.


  1. POHRANYCHNA K:  Hoop: Excellent start for the Olympic finalist from Ukraine, a few small imprecisions can be noted. / Ball: Marvelous performance by Khrystya, she expresses Britney Spears’ „Toxic“ as if she’s living the song.
  2. VEDENEEVA E:  Hoop: Better than the ball in terms of execution, but finished a bit before the end of the music. Just watching her is a pleasure, though.  / Ball: Katya is simply sublime. Unfortunately, she had some trouble with her arabesque pivot (only managed to do about a rotation and a half) and couldn’t quite finish the last AD like it was planned.
  3. ONOPRIIENKO V:  Hoop: A few imprecisions with the hoop towards the end of the routine, but Vika managed through. Her penché pivot was exquisite.  / Ball: Very, very good job by Vika, great penché, one incorrect trajectory during a Risk.
  4. RAFFAELI S: Hoop:  A bit of a nervous start with two unsuccessful catches, one of which resulted in a tiny drop. Great body difficulties for Sofia. This is gonna be her only routine today.  /.  AGIURGIUCULESE A: Ball: Unfortunately 2 consecutive drops on the same apparatus technique. Pity, it’s a wonderful routine.
  5. GENUZIO A:  Hoop: Interesting routine with ambitious catches, but it a drop of the apparatus outside the carpet. More international experience could do be of great use for this young gymnast.  / Ball: Clean execution in terms of body difficulties and no major errors. Good start for Bolivia!
  6. BALDASSARI M:  Hoop: Excellent performance by Milena, just one small incorrect trajectory error. 3 rotations penché on relevé.  / Ball: Brava, Mile! Lovely routine, very few imprecisions with the apparatus during catches.
  7. KIM J:  Hoop:  While the tempo can’t be compared to that of top gymnasts, Kim is a very expressive gymnast. / Ball: A very young gymnast, who looked a bit nervous – a few incorrect trajectories – one larger (0.5 deduction). She has very clean lines and great potential.
  8. OIWA CH:  Hoop: Hoops are being troublesome today, another out of carpet drop and Oiwa had to go for the reserve apparatus. Quite the shame, since she began so strongly.  / Ball: Much better execution, compared to the hoop, but a bit of trouble during the pivots – traveling and loss of balance without steps during the penché and dropped heel in the middle of the ring one.
  9. SEO G:  Hoop: A major drop for 1 pt was followed by other imprecisions.  / Ball: Unfortunately, the stream decided to kick us out mid-routine, but as far as we saw, it was a clean performance, several rotations on the penché pivot, with a bit of shape deviation, one imprecise throw.
  10. KITA S:  Hoop: Strong performance for the home crowd by Kita, with very well executed body difficulties / Ball: Excellent job with the ball as well, good execution on the penché pivot, the attitude only had 1 rotation, though.
  11. UCHIDA K:  Hoop: I have sincerely missed watching Katherine, as she’s a great performer. She started out well with an attitude/front split combination pivot. A few bad trajectories in the throws till the end of the routine. This is her first competition after a serious injury.   / Ball: A very emotional ball routine, in which Katherine is very obviously telling a story. Good combined pivots arabesque with side scale and attitude with front split.
  12. SAMBOL L:  Hoop: Much better than the ball routine, imprecisions in the apparatus technique, finished at 1:31  / Ball: A gymnast with great lines, who unfortunately attempted to catch her Risk outside the carpet, and ultimately failed, with which she’ll get a 0.6 penalty by the line judge and a 1 deduction for the drop.
  13. IZABEKOVA A:  Hoop: 4 rotations on the penché pivot to start off, pity that most of the musical accents are not used for the choreography/ Ball: Good attempt, a bit of a problem with the body difficulties and little static and concentrated in the center of the carpet
  14. PIGNICZKI F:  Hoop:  A hoop routine we all love. Good performance for Fanni, she looks in an even better shape than at the Olympics, more confident for sure. / Ball: Very precise performance, every throw was directed right where it was supposed to be. Fanni is proving once again why she was done who won the last OG quota.
  15. SOKOLOVA A:  Hoop: Imprecisions in the apparatus technique of Anna’s performance, but a well-executed ring with straight leg pivot and lots of potential here. / Ball: Brave attempt, she masked a small drop at the end. A promising young gymnast with great pivots


  1. BAILENOVA D:  Hoop: Promising young gymnast with interesting elements and good body difficulties, unfortunately, with a drop  / Ball: Very, very impressive debut for the Kazakh gymnasts at these championships. Another clean routine.
  2. IKROMOVA T:  Hoop: Steady routine, no major errors, good pivots, but finished 2 seconds after the signal and will be penalized with 0.1  / Ball: Marvelous penché on relevé turn and a good routine to „Carmen’s story“
  3. TANIYEVA E:  Hoop: A routine and a gymnast radiating energy, excellent turns in ring and penché, great work.  / Ball: Elzhana has it all – expressiveness, good body technique, sense of the music. Very strong routine from her.
  4. GARDINER S:  Hoop: Visibly a nervous start for Shannon, but she finished the routine without major errors, just imprecisions in the throws.  / Ball: Some very impressive catches in AD and a strong ball routine for Shannon, excellent work on the BDs as well.
  5. BOGDANOVA V:  Hoop:  Every gymnast’s worst hoop nightmare: apparatus out of bounds, which rolled back in, after the reserve was already taken. Vika had to run from the other side of the carpet to take it out, in order not to get penalized for unallowed reserve apparatus. / Ball: Vika Bogdanova starts her participation at yet another world championships! Lots of small technical errors in both body and apparatus, but an overall clean routine.
  6. BEJIASHVILI A:  Hoop: Very promising body difficulties, a much cleaner routine compared to ball. Finished 1 second after 1:30 and will be penalized with 0.05.  / Ball: Young gymnast with good bodywork, unfortunately, started the routine with a drop. The apparatus handling is very reminiscent of Salome Pazhava.
  7. ARBOLISHVILI K:  Hoop: Another nightmare experience for every gymnast: wrong music was played twice for Ketevan and she was asked to leave the carpet and called in again. Then she comes in again, no music, goes out. Disastrous organization. The next gymnast was called. She’s finally called in at the end of the group – one bigger trajectory mistake towards the beginning but she handled the rest of the routine marvelously, considering the stress she must have been under.  / Ball: Clean bodywork for Ketevan and a steady routine overall, with few imprecisions.
  8. PORRAS OSORIO L:  Hoop: Very successful presentation of such a charismatic gymnast, who feels and expresses the music. / Ball: It’s definitely exciting for a Guatemalan gymnast to even participate at these worlds, but Leslie had something to show us in her good bodywork. Very unfortunate out-of-bounds drop towards the end.
  9. GAROFFOLO G:  Hoop: Very unfortunate drop on an AD during a balance and some trouble with the ring pivot and ring balance, hopefully, she’ll have more luck with ball  / Ball: Very strong routine for Gaia, who has very clean lines and good pivot work.
  10. KAUR B:  Hoop: Way better performance than the ball, still with a few drops. Wishing her better luck on day 2.  / Ball: Lots of problems with the ball for the Indian gymnast, including finishing without apparatus, but we still need to congratulate her on her participation.
  11. GOROSPE T:  Hoop: A gymnast performing with so much strength, energy, and passion. Unfortunately, there was a drop out of the carpet.  / Ball: Tiny drop at the beginning of the routine and another out-of-bounds drop, it’s a terrible shame, because the routine looked great otherwise.
  12. DERVISI M:  Hoop: Incredibly fast work with the hoop, excellent turns but a bit of a shape deviation in the turning jetés with bent back. Small imprecision with the apparatus towards the end.  / Ball: It’s pleasure to watch gymnasts who manage to express the music with the entirety of their bodies. Very good routine by Maria.
  13. BEREZINA P:  Hoop: Good start of the routine, with a small imprecision on the first catch, but a drop in the middle of the exercise and probably skipped something at the end.  / Ball: Such a good routine and a drop out of nowhere towards the last part, on an AD with a rebound. Will cost her 0.7 in Execution.
  14. CASTIGLIONI L:  Hoop: A couple of imprecise trajectories, one balance not held, but nothing critical.  / Ball: Some difficulties on the penché and attitude turns, imprecisions with the apparatus. No major errors.


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